John A Stone, PE, PLS, President

Cellular: (618) 562-8626

Jon W Earnest, PLS, Vice-President

Cellular: (618) 562-8622

David J Connor, Sec/Tres, Consultant

Cellular: (618) 562-8625

Shannon R Woodard, Consultant

Cellular: (618) 562-8628

Chad W White, PLS

Cellular: (618) 554-8157

Patrick J Earnest, LSIT

Cellular: (618) 553-8542

Jarrett W Johnson, Inspector

Cellular: (618) 562-8627

Laurie A Zuber, Office Manager

Cellular: (618) 562-8629

Angela M Fear, Office Asst


Connor & Connor, Inc. began business in  1946 , originally known as Marbry & Johnson.  In 1968, Dewey R Connor bought into the business and it  was then known as Marbry & Connor.  In 1977, Dewey  brought aboard his son Michael R Connor, while acquiring the interests of  Mr. Marbry, and the business name was changed to Connor & Connor, Inc.  In 2008, the business was acquired by John A Stone and Jon W Earnest.  The company name remained unchanged.


210 East Locust Street

P.O. Box 618

Robinson, Illinois  62454

Ph: (618) 544-8623 / Fax: (618) 544-3012

Roads & Bridges / Streets & Storm Sewers

Sanitary Sewers / Water Distribution

Waste Water & Public Water Treatment

Land Surveys /  Subdivisions / Drainage

3D Laser Scanning / Concrete Testing

Funding Solicitation & Assistance


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Text Box: Robinson WWTF
Text Box: Martinsville
Text Box: Butane Cavern
Text Box: Stoy Bridge
Text Box: Robinson, Illinois